Focus groups of people living in the Hunter Valley showed that about 50% of the local population thought the impact of mining on the region was positive but that this point of view was not represented in the media.


To push a positive representation of the NSW Hunter Valley coal mining industry, we created a fully functioning, independent media brand called ‘Coalface’, with the approval of the NSW Minerals Council. It is a 64-page, free, monthly magazine, distributed throughout the Hunter and supported by branded radio, website and events.


‘Coalface’ has become the highest circulating media title in the Hunter region (higher than all five local Fairfax papers combined) with circulation of 15,000, as well as 45,000 readers and 7,500 eDM subscribers. It has a high magazine pickup rate (return figure average 5%), and a high competition uptake (1,000 to 2,000 entrants in many competitions).
The media brand has a high level of social conscience, donating a large percentage of monthly profits to local causes and charities in order to foster a sense of community e.g. Singleton Cystic Fibrosis Support Group and Cessnock Prostate Cancer Support Group.

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