THINK Education approached Pulse 212° to gain insight into the choices students make on the path to tertiary education, and what are the driving forces behind their decisions. Do they rely on parents, teachers, friends or careers councillors? Why do they choose certain courses and places of study? THINK wanted to know what these students do in their free time, what media they consume, and what elements of a college or university they consider when choosing to study.


Atomic 212° reached out to our extensive consumer database and developed an insights analysis which focussed on a youthful target audience. We combined dozens of subject interviews with first and third party data to develop genuine insights. From that, we presented back to THINK in the form of a video piece accompanied by real life data.


THINK Education was thrilled that they’d managed to gain direct and real insight from the exact demographic they were attempting to target.  The insight gathered allowed them to tailor certain marketing elements across the correct channels in order to engage with the correct audience in a way that would be impactful and relevant.

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