Applied AI: Practical Solutions for B2B Marketing Effectiveness


Registration and networking as attendees arrive at the Microsoft Offices.

Microsoft Australia,
L28, 1 Denison St, North Sydney 2060

Opening note from Claire Fenner, Atomic 212° CEO

The State of B2B Ipsos Research

Claire Austin,
Principal Consultant, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Emerging technology like AI can help marketers to deliver campaigns quicker and more efficiently. But at what cost to creative? Claire will unpack findings from LinkedIn’s latest ‘B2B Marketing Benchmark Report’  and share platform insights and examples to help you understand the key areas of opportunity for B2B marketers to thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

Panel: Application of AI Strategies in the field

Moderated by Claire Fenner, CEO, Atomic 212°

A dynamic panel featuring the practical applications of AI and the successes vs barriers of application within teams and organisations.

The experts:

  • Tom Sheppard – Atomic 212°, General Manager: Media Technology
  • James Clifton – Salesforce, Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Analytics APAC
  • Qi Xiong – Lendlease, Data Analytics Manager

A short coffee break between sessions.

Conversations in AI

Dean Corcoran
Chief Technology Officer for Partners, Microsoft

How AI and Generative AI is revolutionising the way we work, create and even search. Microsoft will cover practical applications and showcase some of the latest Copilots to help empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

Closing note by Claire Fenner, Atomic 212° CEO

Thank you for attending Applied AI: Practical Solutions for B2B Marketing Effectiveness.


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As Chief Executive Officer and Partner at Atomic 212°, Claire Fenner provides a unique perspective on the ongoing shift towards technology-led media buying, automation and the opportunities and challenges this presents for agencies and brands. Passionate about supporting the future of the industry by leveraging technological advancements to increase media accountability and effectiveness, Claire also recognises the need to balance this with tried and tested marketing principles.

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Claire Austin is a Principal Consultant at LinkedIn. She consults with senior marketers to help them overcome B2B marketing challenges and grow their brands. Claire has an entrepreneurial mindset and is known for her innovative solutions to complex problems. Claire has over 15 years of experience and a track record of growing brands across B2B and B2C. She also has a passion for coaching executives on how to grow their professional brands.

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With experience over many years making tech work for real people. Dean partners with organisations building their technology strategy, working to accelerate business goals and aspirations leveraging the latest technologies. Dean believes that tech must symbiotically be part of the world we work, live, and play in to be beneficial.