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Atomic 212° has partnered with Mutinex to bring into effect the Effective Media Proposition.
Put simply….media planning should not be a subjective process.
In our book we outline a scientific framework to take your media buying forward with scientific confidence.

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About This Book Text

This book in 7 words:
Effective Media is an always-on scientific process.

This book in one sentence:
Media will be more effective for growth when deployed in an ongoing scientific process of hypothesis, test, learn, document, repeat.

This book in one paragraph:
If you are in charge of a media budget or working on the agency side supplying media services to a client, this book provides practical guidance for increasing the ROI from that investment. The process in this book will require a mindset change from media as a campaign requirement, to media as a business process managed with a diligent scientific process. We call this the Effective Media Process (EMS) and will outline this process extensively in this book.

About The Authors
James Dixon

James Dixon is the Chief Digital Officer and co-founder of Atomic 212°. Australia’s largest independent media agency serving blue-chip companies with smarter, faster, accountable media. An accountant-turned-digital-marketer-turned-media-planner, he brings a unique view to the practice of media buying and a passion to make it more accountable to sales and growth. In this publication, James shares his views and processes for improving the ROI from media investment, developed over 20 years of professional practice.

Claire Fenner

As Chief Executive Officer and Partner at Atomic 212°, Claire Fenner provides a unique perspective on the ongoing shift towards technology-led media buying, automation and the opportunities and challenges this presents for agencies and brands. Passionate about supporting the future of the industry by leveraging technological advancements to increase media accountability and effectiveness, Claire also recognises the need to balance this with tried and tested marketing principles.