The Media Federation of Australia (MFA) has called on the industry to support Atomic 212’s group account director, Emma Macey, whose daughter needs international treatment for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

Bella Macey, just 10 years old, has been at the Royal Children’s Hospital for four weeks, fighting CRPS.

An excruciatingly painful illness, CRPS is a complex neurological disorder that causes severe pain, triggered by minor injuries or surgeries.

Macey said on LinkedIn: “Bella’s life changed overnight.

“From a small infection in her foot that could be very common, for no rhyme or reason this turned into CRPS for Bella. A cruel and painful disease for which there is no explanation.”

Bella’s life has been brought to a standstill, and the MFA is encouraging the industry to support her.

Via a LinkedIn post, the industry body said: “We’re reaching out to our industry to rally together to support Atomic 212’s Emma Macey and her family, as her daughter Bella fights against complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). CRPS is a rare neurological dysfunction of the central nervous system, a painful disease for which there is no explanation. Bella and her family’s determination in facing this diagnosis calls for our unified support.

“After working closely with the Royal Children’s Hospital, Emma and her family exhausted all treatment options available for Bella in Australia and are now hoping to take her to a specialist CRPS clinic overseas for intensive treatments where she will be with several other children fighting this disease.

“We’re reaching out to our community to come together in support, through donations, sharing the cause, and spreading awareness about Bella’s treatment and the impact of CRPS,” the MFA concluded.

If you wish to donate, you can do so here.

Article originally published on Mumbrella.